After reading several threads on the Lotus BBS site regarding non-enclosed induction systems (like my K&N 57i) and warm engine-bay air, I decided to upgrade the rather small cold-air feed pipe that supplies cold air to the standard filter box. I always had difficulty aiming the pipe satisfactorarily anyway, plus I was bored one Saturday morning so decided to change the pipe altogether!

I replaced the standard pipe with a 100mm wide flexible aluminium ducting/vent pipe from B&Q - cost was approx. £8.

Fitting is easy:

1. Remove any cable-ties attaching the original pipe to the bodywork - this is quite fiddly where it is attached to the side air-intake.
2. Get some double-sided sticky pad tape to fix the new pipe in place, and stick a strip to the top of the inside of the air-intake. This will keep the new pipe in place. I tried to cable tie it in place, but ended up damaging the aluminium on the new pipe.
3. Feed the new pipe down to the air intake. It's quite long so you should have plenty.
4. Stick the pipe in place on the air intake using the sticky pad.
5. Position the new pipe so that it sits a couple of inches away from the air filter. I found that the original air box (the bottom half of which is still in place on my car) holds it nicely in place, directing the air at the filter).

As you can see from the pictures below, it looks quite smart and even serves a purpose!

Cold air feed to filter  Ducting route to side
External view of side