Fitting the S1 Elise factory hardtop is not as tricky as it looks. The top is made from GRP (the stuff as the Elise body), and is fairly light. It is less fiddly to fit that the soft-top roof, can be done by a single person, and takes less than five minutes.

1. Ensure that the soft-top roof and all it's components are removed and stored safely away.
2. Remove the roll bar cover from the roll bar and store it. Be careful not to scratch the paint on the cover.
3. Roll down the windows. This will make fitting the roof much easier.
4. Pick up the roof, supporting it either side, with the front of the roof facing away from you.
5. Slot the front of the roof into the bar at the top of the windscreen. Make sure it fits properly and is centered correctly.
6. Carefully lower the roof onto the roll bar. This should slot into place.
7. When you've lowered the roof into place, make sure that the two clips on the underside of the roof clip into the rear screen. These should clip it in tightly.
8. Guide the roof down flush to the back of the car. The plastic nipples should fit into the metal soft-top roof sockets.
9. When the roof is seated correctly, fasten the clips on either side of the rear screen (these are in the same place as the roll bar cover clips).
10. Working in the car, use the soft-top allen key to hand-tighten the hard top screws. Tighten the center one first; then the other two.
11. Replace the plastic lugs into the screw holes.

To remove just follow the instructions above in reverse.
IMPORTANT NOTE: when lifting the roof clear from the car, always ensure the rear screen is freed from the retaining clips properly. The rear screen has a nasty habit of sticking in these clips only to come crashing down on the floor/car when you lift the roof off.

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