Fitting the Eliseparts Gear Linkage Kit
These instructions are intended as a supplement to Geary's original instructions, which can be found here.

What do I get?

2 x Phosphor Bronze Rod Ends
2 x Thin nylatron bushes (bell-crank)
2 x Thick nylatron bushes (cable ends)
4 x Stainless steel 1/2 nuts
2 x 5/16 R clips
1 x M8 Nyloc
1 x M8 Locknut
1 x Sachet of Molybdenum grease
2 x M6 x 25 Stainless steel cap screws
2 x M6 Stainless steel Nyloc nuts
2 x M8 Stainless steel washers

Fitting instructions

1. First step is to raise the rear of the car to allow sufficient space work work beneath it. Always ensure that the car is supported safely using stands or ramps - please don't just use a jack (you probably won't have enough space anyway).

I used a pair of ramps which gave me enough room to work.

Remove the rear undertray*, and find the linkage assembly under the car as shown opposite.

*Note: removal of the Diffuser is not necessary - but I took it off to give me more space...although this probably wouldn't be a problem with the standard Diffuser.

2. Prise out and remove the two clips holding the cables in place. These are sprung and are fairly tight... use a screwdriver and, working from behind the clips, find the bottom edge of the clip and prise on that. They release quite easily this way.

4. Oops, sorry, camera was a little close :))

Pull the cable ends off of the pivot mechanism and push then to one side. These are quite tight, so you may have to force them with a screwdriver.

5. Undo the nyloc nut from the bottom of the bell crank.

6.Unscrew the locknut (this is a half-nut) and the full nut holding the bell crank in it's pivot. You should now be able to slide this out and remove the whole assembly.

7. With the bell crank removed, prise out the old nylon bushes from the pivot (one either side). These were falling apart on my car so it was tricky easing them out. They shouldn't bo too tight though.


8. Insert the new Nylatron bushes into the pivot. These were fairly tight so I had to employ the use of my trusty pliers to help them on their way. Take care not to damage them when fitting them like this!

Now smear a little grease into the pivot.

9. Using the old rod-end assembly as a guide, assemble the new rod-ends as shown opposite. Screw the threaded rod into a rod-end, then two half-nuts, the the other rod-end. Then put the bolts through and tighten a full nut on each side into place. Adjust the assembly so that the distance between the rod-ends is the same as the old assembly.

10. Bolt the new rod-end assembly onto the bell crank. Place a washer between the rod-end nut and the bell crank, then another washer, followed by the nyloc nut. Make sure the lock nuts on the rod-end assembly are not tight; you may need to adjust this gap later.

11. Fit the bell crank assembly back onto the car. The full nut on the bell crank pivot should be hand-tight, there should be sufficient slack to give a nice smooth rotational movement in the mechanism. When you are happy, tighten up the lock nut.

12. Push out those crappy rubber bushes from the ends of the cables, and insert the new Nylatron bushes into the holes. Smear a little grease into them.

13. Refit the cable ends to their respective pivot points, then add a washer and R-clip to hold them in place.

14. Put the gear cable clips back in place to hold the cables firm.