Fitting the Eliseparts Quickshifter
These instructions are intended as a supplement to Geary's original instructions, which can be found here.

What do I get?

1 x Short shifter gear stick
1 x plastic pivot bush (pre-greased)

Fitting instructions

1. A photo of the standard stick in all it's glory!

First thing to do was remove that gear knob, without causing too much damage. I wrapped it up in duct tape before clamping a pair of mole-grips round it. It came off fairly easily - but left a couple of marks from the grips unfortunately...

2. Next up, remove the plastic gear surround. This is held in place by a couple of plastic clips each side - just undo the plastic screws and prise out the clamps. Assuming the gear know is now fully removed, you can pull the surround over the stick and place it to one side.

Removal of the cigarette lighter connections is not necessary, but it you do, remember which way round the wires go!

3. Undo the three bolts (A, B and C) that hold the assembly down, remove them and put then safely to one side.

There is also a circlip (D) that needs to be unclipped and removed.

4. Next, unclip the white plastic clip (on the end of the gear cable) from the base of the gear stick. This was very tight on mine and was quite difficult to do (since it moves around a lot). Easiest way I found to do it was to use a screwdriver to force it down from just behind the gear stick. Use sufficient force and it will just pop out.

5. Remove the assembly from the car. To do this you must first pull out the side bracket (towards you if working on the passenger side), then lift the base and stick clear.

Once out of the car, dissasemble the unit by pulling the stick out of the bottom.

6. Now reassemble the unit like the original, but with the new quick-shift gear stick. Smear some grease inside the assembly before putting the plastic bit back on the bottom.

7. Place the assembled unit back into the car. I had difficulty with getting the plastic pivot bush back into the hole on the bracket; at first it appeared too large (the original fitted perfectly). I managed to force it into the hole with a pair of pliers in the end.


8. Bolt the unit down, clip the circlip back on, then re-attach the linkage cable to the base of the stick. Again, this was quite tricky, but popped into place with a screwdriver eventually. Make sure this is fitted correctly - if it pops out when mobile then it's goodbye gear change!

9. Pop the plastic cover back over the unit and put the clips back in, then screw the gear knob back on....

...and that's it! Time for a test drive!